Fish Prefecture Fair

Tokushima Prefecture Fair (4 July to 31 July 2017)


Miyagi Prefecture Fair (2 June to 30 June 2017)


みやぎサーモン     Miyagi Salmon

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $30

炙り刺身      Seared Sashimi    5 pcs    $30


寿司 3種盛(ヅケ、炙り、梅醤油)    3 Kinds of Sushi    $18


炙りサーモンサラダ      Salad with Seared Salmon    $18

はらす焼                     Grilled Salmon Belly              $18

炙りサーモンサラダ      Salad with Seared Salmon    $18

鮭と枝豆の炊き込みご飯   Salmon and Edamame Claypot Rice       $36


ホヤ    Sea Squirt

酢の物       Hoya with Vinegar Sauce    $12

ホヤ卵       Simmered Hoya with Egg    $8

ホヤ卵       Simmered Hoya with Egg    $8


ほやご飯  Hoya Claypot Rice    $36




穴子     Sea Eel

焼穴子 梅醤油で                  Grilled Sea Eel with Sour Plum Sauce   $18


穴子と新生姜のかき揚げ     Deep Fried Sea Eel and Ginger             $36


焼穴子炊込みご飯     Sea Eel Claypot Rice      $42




宮城のお酒あります    Sake from Miyagi Prefecture


一ノ蔵 無鑑査本醸造 超辛口  Ichinokura Honjozo Karakuchi   720ml   $90

一ノ蔵 無鑑査本醸造 超辛口  Ichinokura Honjozo Karakuchi   180ml   $24





一ノ蔵 特別純米生酒 ふゆみずたんぽ Ichinokura Tokubetsu Jyunmai   720ml   $100

一ノ蔵 特別純米生酒 ふゆみずたんぽ Ichinokura Tokubetsu Jyunmai   180ml   $27




浦霞 純米生酒 Urakasumi Jyunmai Namazake   720ml   $90

浦霞 純米生酒 Urakasumi Jyunmai Namazake   180ml   $24




Hokkaido Prefecture Fair (11 April to 31 May 2017)


松皮カレイ     Matsukawa Flatfish

薄造り   Thin Sliced Sashimi  8 pcs    $32

握り      Sushi  1 pc      $7




ほたて    Scallop

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $40

握り      Sushi  1  pc      $8




ニシン    Herring Fish

刺身      Thin Sliced Sashimi  8 pcs    $24

握り      Sushi   1  pc     $6




鮭といくら    Salmon & Salmon Roe

いくらご飯  Salmon Roe Topped on White Rice   $25

鮭チャンチャン焼き   Grilled Salmon with Home Made Miso Sauce on Ceramic Plate    $36

鮭といくらの炊き込みご飯  Grilled Salmon & Salmon Roe Claypot Rice    $36





料理長おすすめ北海道の味    Chef Recommendation Hokkaido Home Cooked Food

カニクリームコロッケ    Crab Meat Croquette   1 pc    $6


かすべ 煮付け   Simmered Sting Ray   1 pc    $8


かすべ 唐揚げ Deep Fried Sting Ray   $16

ごっこ 唐揚げ Smooth Lumpsucker Miso Soup   $16

2年熟成十勝産トヨシロフライドポテト 2 Years Aging Fried Potato   $12

2年熟成十勝産トヨシロじゃがバター       2 Years Aging Steamed Potato   $12      


ラーメンサラダ    Salad with Hokkaido Ramen Noodle     $16




北海道のお酒あります    Sake from Hokkaido Prefecture

男山 生酛純米  Otokoyama Kimoto Jynmai   720ml   $90

男山 生酛純米  Otokoyama Kimoto Jynmai   180ml   $24


国稀 純米 Kunimare Jyunmai   720ml   $90

国稀 純米 Kunimare Jyunmai   180ml   $24


まる田 純米 Maruta Jyunmai    720ml   $90

まる田 純米 Maruta Jyunmai    180ml   $24




Osaka Prefecture Fair (11 to 30 March 2017)

黒鯛     Black Sea Bream

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $35

握り      Sushi  1 pc         $7



いずみだこ     Octopus

たこぶつ         Dried Sashimi     $16

たこと長いもの炊き込みご飯    Octopus and Yam Claypot Rice        $38




しらす     Dried Baby Sardine


Baby Sardine and Sour Plum with Udon Noodle (Cold)     $16



鰆    Spanish Mackerel

鰆と春キャベツの蒸し物      Steamed Spanish Mackerel and Cabbage    $35

鰆西京焼き      Grilled Miso Marinated Spanish Mackerel       $20



大阪のお酒あります     Sake from Osaka Prefecture

秋鹿  純米生原酒 大辛口     

Akishika Jyunmai    720ml    $100

Akishika Jyunmai    180ml    $26



Hiroshima Prefecture Fair (18 to 28 February 2017)

真鯛     Sea Bream

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $35

握り      Sushi  1 pc         $7


やっさだこ      Octopus

刺身                    Sashimi  8 slices    $24

たこ柔らか煮      Simmered Octopus    $16

たこ茶碗蒸し      Steamed Egg Custard w/Octopus     $8




やっさだこやっさだこ穴子Sea Eel 穴子

穴子寿司            Sushi 1 pc     $7

煮穴子つまみ       Simmered Sea Eel     $16

天ぷら                  Tempura      $18



牡蠣      Oyster

牡蠣ポン酢                 Sashimi with Ponzu Sauce 2 pc    $8

茶碗蒸し                    Chawanmushi with Oyster    $12

牡蠣陶板焼き             Grilled Oyster on Ceramic Plate    $30

牡蠣フライ                 Deep Fried Oyster 5 pc    $24

牡蠣炊き込みご飯      Oyster Claypot Rice     $46




Toyama Prefecture Fair (11 to 31 January 2017)

氷見の寒ブリ     Wild Yellow Tail

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $35

握り      Sushi  1 pc         $7

寒ブリ大根       Simmered Yellow Tail and White Raddish       $26

寒ブリ炊き込みご飯       Yellow Tail Claypot Rice       $42



富山えび    Toyama Prawn

刺身      Sashimi  1 pc    $18

寿司      Sushi  1 pc        $18




ほたるいか    Firefly Squid

酢味噌和え    Sashimi with Vinegar Miso Sauce    $16

天ぷら           Tempura     $18

白エビ     Japanese Glass Shrimp

酢味噌和え    Sashimi with Vinegar Miso Sauce    $16

刺身      Sashimi  1 pax    $20

寿司      Sushi  1 pc        $12

富山のお酒あります      Sake from Toyama Prefecture

三笑楽 純米     Sanshoraku Jyunmai 720ml   $90

三笑楽 純米     Sanshoraku Jyunmai 180ml   $24

羽根屋 純米吟醸 煌火      Haneya Jyunmai Ginjo  720ml   $120

羽根屋 純米吟醸 煌火      Haneya Jyunmai Ginjo  180ml   $32

Yamagata Prefecture Seminar (10 December 2016)

Yamagata is a large prefecture along the Sea of Japan coast in the southern Tohoku Region. The prefectural capital is Yamagata City. The prefecture is known for its agricultural products, especially cherries, hot springs, rural flair and natural beauty. And it has long ago been an important marine transportation spot with developed routes on the Sea of Japan

鰆  Spanish Mackerel

鰆刺身   Spanish Mackerel Sashimi

鰆寿司 Spanish Mackerel Sushi

鰆酒蒸し Steamed Spanish Mackerel with Dashi Sauce

甘海老   Sweet Shrimp

甘海老刺身    Sweet Shrimp Sashimi

甘海老寿司  Sweet Shrimp Sushi

甘海老唐揚げ  Deep Fried Sweet Shrimp

真鱈    Pacific Cod Fish

鱈ちり    Pacific Cod Fish Hot Pot

天ぷら    Deep Fried Pacific Cod Fish

はたはた     Sand Fish

炊き込みご飯     Sand Fish Claypot Rice

Yamagata Prefecture Fair (8 - 31 December 2016)

さわら  Spanish Mackerel

刺身焼霜造り   Skin Seared Sashimi  5pcs  $35

鰆陶板焼き    Spanish Mackerel on Ceramic Plate  $30

真鱈   Pacific Cod Fish

天ぷら白子付    Deep Fried Pacific Cod Fish   $24

真鱈なべ(2人前)  Pacific Cod Hotpot (for 2 Pax)   $28

- 雑炊セット   with rice porridge    +$8

- うどんセット   with udon noodle    +8

はたはた    Sand Fish

煮付け     Simmered Sand Fish 2 pcs    $24

炊き込みご飯    Sand Fish Claypot Rice    $38

甘海老     Sweet Shrimp

刺身      Sashimi  5 pcs    $25

甘海老唐揚げ     Deep Fried Sweet Shrimp    $25

山形のお酒あります      Japanese Sake from Mie Prefecture

十四代 吟選       Jyuyondai Ginsen     180ml    $50

Mie Prefecture Seminar (12 November 2016)

Mie Prefecture belongs to both Kansai and Tokai region. The prefecture is home to the Ise Shrines, Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. It has traditionally been a link between east and west Japan, thanks largely to the Tokaido and Ise Pilgrimage roads. With 65% of the prefecture consisting of forests and with over 1000 kim of coastline, Mie has long been associated with forestry and seafood indurstries. Mie also produces tea, beef, cultured pearls and fruit, mainly mandarin oranges.

マハタ 刺身

Mahata Seven Band Grouper Sashimi


Uni Miso Yaki Grilled Seven Band Grouper with Sea Urchin Miso Sauce

真鯛刺身   Madai Seabream Sashimi

真鯛寿司  Madai Seabream Sushi

酒蒸し あおさあんかけ

Sakamushi Aosa steamed Seabream with Aosa Seaweed Sauce

伊勢まぐろ 刺身  Ise Maguro Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

伊勢まぐろ 鉄火巻  Ise Maguro Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Tekka Maki

伊勢海老 サラダ

Ise Ebi Spiny Lobster Salad


Anago Sea Eel Claypot Rice

Mie Prefecture Fair (8 - 30 November 2016)

伊勢まぐろ Bluefin Tuna

刺身 (赤身2貫、とろ3貫)  Sashimi (Akami 2pcs, Toro 3 pieces)   $40

赤身にぎり Akami Sushi 1/piece  $7

トロにぎりToro Sushi 1/piece  $10

てこね寿司 Tuna (Marinated with sweet sauce soy sauce topped on sushi rice)  $32

マハタ   Seven Band Grouper

薄造り  Thin Sliced Sashimi  $40

かぶと酒蒸し  Steamed Head with Sake $28



伊勢まだい  Sea Bream

刺身   Sashimi 5 pieces  $35

寿司   Sushi 1 piece $7

真鯛なべ(2人前) Sea Bream Hot Port (for 2 Pax)  $32

 . 雑炊セット  with Rice Porridge   +$8

 . うどんセットwith Udon Noodle  +$8




穴子 Sea Eel

穴子天ぷら炊き込みご飯   Deep Fried Sea Eel Claypot Rice   $36




三重のお酒あります   We have Sake from Mie Prefecture

作 純米    Zuku Iyunmai 720ml  $90



Yamaguchi Prefecture Seminar (15 October 2016)

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in the westernmost part of Honshu, and is surronded on three sides by the sea. The marine products industry thrives in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is surronded on three sides by the sea. Due to an international system limiting fishing grounds to 200 nautical miles, there has been a decrease in marine resources. These circumstances have prompted a new policy, which aims to raise and return to the sea as many fish as are harvested.


Scabbard Fish with Red Japanese Basil Salt


Steamed Tile Fish with Soba Noodle


Red Spotted Grouper Baked in Foil


Kyoto Prefecture Fair (9 to 29 September 2016)


Shiga Prefecture Fair (10 August to 31 August 2016)


Kochi Prefecture Fair (8 July to 30 July 2016)


Kochi Prefecture Seminar (23 July 2016)


Third Fish Seminar (25 July 2016) - by invitation only


Second Fish Seminar (11 June 2016) - by invitation only


First Fish Seminar (14 May 2016) - by invitation only


Okayama Prefecture Fair (8 Apr to 30 Apr 2016)


Okinawa Prefecture (5 Mar to 25 Mar 2016)


Hokuriku Prefecture (9 Jan to 23 Jan 2016)


Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Oita Prefecture (9 Nov to 27 Nov 2015)


Aomori Prefecture Fair ( 3 Oct to 17 Oct 2015)


Shizuoka Prefecture (12 Sep to 26 Sep 2015)


Chiba Prefecture (25 Aug to 11 Sep 2015)


Sanriku Prefecture (July 2015)


Nagasaki Prefecture (19 May to 2 June 2015)


Hugo Prefecture (13 Apr to 30 Apr 2015)


Miyazaki Prefecture (17 Mar to 31 Mar 2015)


Ehime Prefecture Fair  (14 February to 28 February 2015)


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