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The concept of the restaurant is based on ‘’Kanda Wadatsumi’’, a popular Japanese restaurant in Kanda district, a traditional center of Tokyo Japan. At Kanda Wadatsumi, it gives you that traditional feel. The restaurant is divided into three areas so that visitors can choose according to their preference; tables looking like earthen floors in the house, a Japanese-style room and a Sushi counter. Do note that our fishes are import from Japan and Wagyu beef from Japan Agriculture.



At Kanda Wadatsumi Singapore, we are honored to have Chef Hara Shinji as our executive chef. He brings with him over 10 years of exquisite Japanese cuisine from the district of Kanda (Tokyo) to Singapore. Chef Hara will craft out seasonal, authentic and exquisite Omakase dishes, by using the freshest products meticulously sourced and directly imported from Japan. Every piece of tableware that our customers savor on Chef Hara’s dishes is imported from Japan. In this way, customers will experience true Japanese Cuisine dining against the backdrop of a beautifully crafted restaurant. One should not miss the fine piece of art display along the aisle as you walk into the restaurant.




Kanda Wadatsumi is strongly backed by Zengyoren Japan Fisheries Association which represents all coastal fishermen in Japan. Part of the theme of the Wadatsumi is to bring assorted dishes from the various seasons of the year into Singapore and we will keep our customers informed when the new seasonal produce arrives.



How many of us have eatern truly delicious fish? We hope that more people will experience the thrill of savoring the real flavor of fish. From this desire, we started the project of selecting PRIDE FISH from choice of fish which are praised by fishermen from throughout Japan. Japan is blessed with four distinct seasons and offers seasonal culinary delights. We hope that you will try the most delicious fish for each season-winter, spring, summer and autumn - as selected by fishermen with expert knowledge of fish.














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50 Tras Street Singapore 078989
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+65 62216264

Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm

Dinner: 6pm to 11pm

Close for Saturday lunch (from 1 March 2018), Sunday and Public Holidays


Dearest customers,

We wish to inform you that we will be closed on 5th Nov (Mon) and 6th Nov (Tue)

Please also note that we will be serving only Omakase Course Menu on the following dates:

- 3rd Nov - Dinner
- 7th and 8th Nov ($38 lunch omakase set only; $98 dinner omakase set only)

We seek your understanding and thank you for your continuous support. Business will resume from 9th Nov onwards